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There is no doubt that one of the secrets and signs of beauty is the cheek dimple, the chin dimple, and the back dimple. Many of us wonder why some women or men have a dimple and others do not.

The reason for the appearance of dimples is purely genetic. This is due to the difference in the composition of the muscle in the cheek among people which leads to a dimple on one cheek or both cheeks. Dimples may significantly appear in children, but they disappear along the years due to the changes (expansion) of their jaw muscles.
Dimple augmentation an effective esthetic option in facial plastic surgery, which makes you look as if you have actually had dimples all your life with natural results.

It is the result of the unused part of the jawbone, as some people are born with it. In other words, during the formation of the fetus, the jaw develops into two separate halves on the face of the fetus.
However, a slight deviation in the alignment during the merging of the two halves can result in a crack in the chin. Years later, one half of the jaw grows faster and longer than the other half, which causes a dimple of the chin. Here it should be noted that the chin dimple increases the handsomeness of men, and the chin dimple is more clear in men than in women.

The cause of the appearance of dimples in the cheek is directly related to the zygomatic muscle in the face. People who do not have dimples in the cheek have the zygomatic muscle in their faces that usually starts from the zygomatic bone in the cheek, continuing to the bottom of the mouth, connected to the corner of the mouth. As for people who have from dimples in the cheek, their zygomatic muscle is divided into two main parts: the first part is above the mouth and the second is below the mouth and is attached to the skin above it.
Some researchers believe that dimples are a congenital defect because cheek dimples form with the fetus and may not disappear with growth. However, cheek dimples are cute and they do not have any negative health effects.

Dimples on the back in women are a unique feature that some women can have to increase their beauty. Back dimples are gaps located in the lower part of the back in the area where the pelvis meets the spine.
These dimples can appear in men too, but at a lower rate than in women. The question that comes to our minds when thinking about this type of dimples is, is it dangerous? Of course not, it is not dangerous, but rather it is a characteristic of beauty, and the reason for the presence of dimples in the lower back is that the fibers that connect the pelvis to the skin are short and weight gain is one of the reasons for the disappearance of this type of dimples.