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Treatment of signs of aging, sagging and loosened skin and the fine facial muscles Consistent result in the sense of delaying the signs of aging Modern facelift that does not require demanding convalescence.

Procedures for a traditional facelift

– at first, the specialist performs anesthesia.
– then an incision is made in front of the patient’s ears, and this incision extends all the way to the hairline, as well as behind the ear.
– the surgeon gently tightens the facial skin, lifting it off the facial muscles and fat.
– the doctor gets rid of excess skin.
– then the incisions made by the surgeon in the edges of the face are closed with special medical stitches or a special medical tape.
– finally, special dressings are then applied upon completion.

Modern Facelifts

There are many modern techniques that have begun to be used to perform a facelift with less time and less pain, such as:
– special laser techniques help to sculpt fat in the face and chin area. This surgery is done with local anesthesia through an incision in the chin area.
– the endoscopy, which is used to raise the eyebrow and tighten the face. It is a simple procedure that does not tire the patient much and is less painful.
– a mini-facelift is performed to reduce lines and wrinkles, but it does not help in tightening the chin and does not eliminate excess skin.

Recovery after a face lift

– recovery usually needs a period of no less than two weeks, where the patient experience facial swelling, redness and pain. This last for several days after the operation, while the stitches are removed after approximately 5-10 days.
– it may take a year for the scars resulting from the facelift to completely disappear, which is normal.
– the patient has to follow the doctor’s instructions literally to recover quickly and without any complications.

Risks and disadvantages of facelifts

There are some drawbacks to the facelift, including – the results of a face-lift operation do not last for lifetime. After about 5 years or more, the face begins to return to the former position, but the person’s appearance remains. However, the face gives more youthful appearance after having the operation.