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Hollywood Smile

In recent years, people have become more careful than ever with their teeth. This includes concerns to have bright, white, and aligned teeth. These teeth are called Hollywood smile.

What is Hollywood smile?

The color tones of the tooth

The beginning of a Hollywood smile is very thin veneers that are specially made for each individual, and then placed on the front of the tooth to improve its shape.
These veneers change the color (into white), shape, size and even length of the teeth, in accordance with the shape of the patient’s jaw and mouth. These peels are usually made of Porcelain, as it is a material capable of resisting stains, and it reflects very closely the nature of the tooth, to be more like a natural smile, not artificial.

What is the purpose of Hollywood smile?

This type of smile is for cosmetic purposes, but of course a Hollywood smile and these ceramic veneers can treat some dental problems, which are represented by:
– Teeth that change color and are stained with some stains.
– The presence of large cosmetic fillings between the teeth that lost their color and became different from the color of the adjacent teeth.
– Teeth which are broken.
– Teeth that suffer from deviation or are unequal in size and length, and their shape is not appropriate with the rest of the teeth.
– Teeth that contain spaces among them.

How do you get a Hollywood smile?

To get a Hollywood smile, a person needs several visits to a dentist who specializes in cosmetology, and they are distributed as follows:
– The first visit to the doctor is for the purpose of counseling.
– A visit for taking patient’s teeth measurements.
– The last visit id for the installation.

Preparation and installation steps

Obtaining a Hollywood smile and installing veneers may not include all teeth. The doctor may only install these veneers on the front teeth only or those teeth that suffer from the aforementioned problems. Steps to getting a Hollywood smile include the following:

This step includes explaining the results that the patient expects to the doctor. The doctor examines the teeth then to make sure that the veneers fit the patient, and explains to the patient the mechanism that he/she will follow.

Preparing the teeth for placing veneers on them involves removing 0.5 mm of tooth surface enamel, which is approximately the thickness of the veneers that will be placed on the tooth. And then the doctor takes measurements and send them to the laboratory.

Before the final placement of the veneers, the doctor will place it on the patient’s teeth to make sure that the requested color and size match. Then, the doctor trims the veneers according to what is required if they are not aligned along with the teeth. Dedicated to fixing veneers, the doctor may ask the patient to return after several weeks to check the gums and make sure of their reaction to the new veneers, and to check their location.

The pros of Hollywood smile

Obtaining a Hollywood smile and veneers guarantees the following advantages for the patient
– Veneers provide a natural view of the teeth in a more beautiful way.
– Ceramic veneers are resistant to various stains, and thus remain white for a long period of time.
– Veneers help to get a beautiful smile while correcting some of the previously mentioned dental problems easily and away from any pain.

The cons of a Hollywood smile

– It is not possible to remove the veneers and return the natural teeth, because the enamel layer is removed from the teeth.
– The peels are financially expensive.
– Scales are usually not repairable if they crack.
– Teeth may become more sensitive to hot or cold drinks and foods due to the removal of the enamel layer.
– The color of the veneers is not subject to change after application, so the appropriate color must be chosen carefully.
– It is possible for the scales to fall off, so the person who placed them should move away from certain habits such as:
• Nail-biting
• Bite off the pens
• Cracking ice with teeth
• Open cans using teeth

Important information about Hollywood smile

Here is the most important information you should consider before deciding to apply the peels:
– Crusts usually remain on the teeth for approximately 5-10 years before they are replaced.
– The veneers do not require any extra care, but you should continue to clean your teeth with brushing, flossing and mouthwash as normal.
– Although porcelain veneers are resistant to stains, doctor may advise you to reduce the amount of food and drink that cause these stains on the teeth, such as tea and coffee.