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Breast Augmentation

Undergoing a breast augmentation operation is usually for psychological reasons and dissatisfaction with the shape of breasts, but this operation may help to improve the appearance of the breast if a female feel that her breasts are too small.
This surgery improves the appearance of breasts if women feel that one breast is smaller than the other. This Improvement can be as a result of pregnancy, or after the cancerous tumor or fibroids removal surgery from the breast.

How is breast augmentation ?

breast augmentation can be performed in a hospital. You will most likely come home on the same day of the surgery. Sometimes local anesthesia is used to perform breast augmentation, but most doctors prefer to use general anesthesia.
During surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in one of the following locations:
– In the crease under the breast.
– Under the arm (armpit area).
– Around the nipple.
After the incision is made, the surgeon separates the breast tissue from the muscles and the connective tissues in the chest area, and a pocket is formed either behind or in front of the external muscles of the chest wall, and the chest pad is placed in this pocket directly behind the nipple. Then, the empty saline fillings are inserted and then filled with sterile saline, and silicone fillings, silicone gel is placed before the implant is placed inside the chest.
After placing the filling, the doctor closes the incision through surgical sutures, and a surgical tape and adhesive tape are placed on the wound from the outside. After the surgery, pain and swelling may occur and bruises appear on the chest area.
As for the scars, they gradually fade over time, but they will not disappear completely. It is possible to use a sports bra to gain additional support for the breast area, and the doctor may prescribe some analgesic drugs for pain reduction.

It is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions to return to work, which may requires several weeks to return to work. Also it is important to avoid strenuous activities. If you feel the presence of redness in the breast, or you are suffering from a fever, then there is often an infection in the area of the wound, then it is necessary to visit to a doctor quickly. Another sign is shortness of breath or chest pain.

In the beginning, the case must be presented to the specialist doctor to obtain advice and what is the best procedure to obtain the best results regarding the appearance of the breast, its size and the general shape of the breast. Before deciding to go further with breast augmentation, you should think about several points:
– The augmentation process does not cure sagging breasts. However, you may need a breast lift in addition to the augmentation process.
– Breast augmentation does not last for a lifetime, the maximum for breast augmentation is 10 years, as the appearance of the breast is affected by several factors, including aging, weight gain, or weight loss.
– After the implantation of the breast implants, mammograms become more complicated. Hence, the patent may need more tests.
– Breast enlargement may interfere with breastfeeding, but some women can breastfeed naturally.
– The patient may need to have regular MRIs every two or three years after breast augmentation.
– The patient may need a mammogram before surgery.
– It is important to avoid taking aspirin and some medications that increase bleeding.
– Smoking should be stopped before surgery. Make sure someone has to stay next to you right after your surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery includes various risks, including:
Capsular contracture, and it occurs as a result of scarring that distorts the implantation process.
Breast pain
Changes in the sensation of the nipple and breast area, usually temporary.
Leaking and tearing of the breast implant. Correction of previous complications may require another breast operation.
The FDA has indicated an association between developing lymphoma and having a breast augmentation procedure. As the incidence increases after using a filler for the breast area.